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Maximize Hard Drive Performance & Speed Up Your PC with SD 6 PRO

New Ultra-fast Engine
Defragment files more efficiently and thoroughly in less time
Up to 200% Faster *
Accelerate file access speed & game launching speed with Large File Defrag
Auto Smart Defrag
Automatically and intelligently defragment selected files and disks without interruption
Quicker PC Startup
Enjoy quicker PC startup and top system running speed with Boot Time Defrag
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Smart Defrag PRO
Smart Defrag PRO
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Get the Maximum Hard Drive Performance!
AMC Security PRO
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200% Speed up and Fully Protect your Android from any threat!
Smart Defrag 6 PRO
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Media Review


"IObit Smart Defrag is the best defragger we've tried yet."

"IObit Smart Defrag optimizes your PC to take full advantage of SSD performance while defragmenting your hard disks. Its SSD Trim tool automatically enables system tweaks that typically require experience to apply. Smart Defrag's updates include a new defrag engine, specialized Game Defrag, a cool new look, and many more language options (35 and counting)."

User Review


"Smart defrag is a very well behaved disk defrag software."

"Smart defrag is a very well behaved disk defrag software, operating in the background whenever computer is idle so that you hardly notice it. As a result: drives are permanently defragmented allowing rapid access and less wear and tear. Smart defrag is the best Free disk defragmenter I've ever used and I'll definitely recommend it to my family and friends!"

User Review


"Since using this fantastic software my desktop and my laptop are fast and save."

"I am a user of Smart defrag for many years. Since using this fantastic software my desktop and my laptop are fast and save. Together with advance system care ultimate you have a complete tool for keeping you system up to date, fast and secure.Using it every day without need to wait (pc closes itself) you keep your system in top condition even if you have no technical background!"

User Review

Edward Lee Ah Yen

"It is easy to use, must have utility, for your hard disc or SSD."

"I run a combination of RAID 0 SSDs and RAID 0 HDDs and use Smart Defrag Pro to analyse, defrag and keep my drives running at peak performance. As with all IObit software it is easy to install, use and very reliable. Just set it up and forget it. Smart Defrag has a very small memory foot print so it won't slow down your system. Definitely recommended!"

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Basic Hard Drive Defragmentation and Optimization
Up to 200% Faster File Access Speed ×
Boot Time Defragment for Quicker PC Startup ×
Automatically & Intelligently Defragment Fragmented Files ×
Customizing Defrag Mode & Disks/Files to Be Defragged ×
DMA Applied for Better, Faster & More Stable Data Transfer ×
No Interruption at Working or Gaming with Silent Mode
Top Gaming Experience with Game Optimize
Scheduled Task Supported for Idle Defrag
Auto Update to the Latest Version ×
Free 24/7 Technical Support on Demand ×
Smart Defrag FREE
$19.99 $69.97
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*.Such promotional programs are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion.
*.Data may vary based on different system or computer.
*.License for AMC Security Full Version with in-app ads.

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