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  • Top-ranking PC Optimizer ensures a cleaner and 200% faster PC.
  • Automatically update over 8,500,000 drivers for stable PC and peak game performance.
  • 1 year / 3 pcs
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  • Top-ranking PC Optimizer ensures a cleaner and 200% faster PC.
  • Powerfully uninstall 2000+ stubborn or corrupted programs without residual files left.
  • 1 year / 3 pcs
$149.9 $24.99 Buy Now
  • Automatically update over 8,500,000 drivers for stable PC and peak game performance.
  • Powerfully uninstall 2000+ stubborn or corrupted programs without residual files left.
  • 1 year / 3 pcs
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Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO (1 Year / 3 PCs)

  • Intelligent PC care with AI
  • Up to 200%* faster system running
  • Up to 300%* faster Internet speed
  • Private web surfing without traces
$89.97 $19.99 Buy Now

Driver Booster 10 PRO (1 Year / 3 PCs)

  • 8,500,000+ driver database
  • Automatic & safe driver update
  • Peak game performance
  • 1-click to fix device issues of sound, Internet connection, etc.
$74.85 $22.95 Buy Now

IObit Uninstaller 12 PRO (1 Year / 3 PCs)

  • Force uninstall 2,000+ stubborn apps
  • Automatically clean leftover files
  • Revert system changes after uninstalling programs
  • Remove malware & harmful plugins
$59.93 $16.77 Buy Now

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 16 PRO (1 Year / 3 PCs)

  • Detect & remove 200+ million threats with the latest Bitdefender engine
  • Deep clean & speed PC up to 200%* faster
  • Defend against viruses in real time
  • Block any unauthorized access to privacy
$49.99 $29.99 Buy Now

IObit Malware Fighter 10 PRO (1 Year / 3 PCs)

  • Accurate detection with Bitdefender engine
  • 209+ million malware database
  • Block ransomware attacks
  • Protect personal data with passwords
  • Real-time antivirus protection
$54.95 $23.99 Buy Now

IObit Software Updater 5 PRO (1 Year / 3 PCs)

  • 1-click to update 500+ outdated software
  • Auto scan & update on a schedule
  • Silently download and install updates
  • Auto backup for safer restore
$29.99 $12.97 Buy Now

Smart Defrag 8 PRO (1 Year / 3 PCs)

  • Up to 200%* faster file access with defragmentation
  • Up to 100%* faster startup
  • Auto & smart defrag
  • Faster & more stable data transfer
$39.99 $19.99 Buy Now

Protected Folder (1 Year / 1 PC)

  • Defend files against malicious attacks
  • Protect all files with only one password
  • Lock files to restrict unauthorized access
$39.99 $19.95 Buy Now

Start Menu 8 PRO (1 Year / 3 PCs)

  • Back to classic start menu with 1-click
  • Quick & powerful file search
  • No-ads and clean start menu
$22.95 $7.99 Buy Now

AMC Security (1 year / 3 devices)

  • Auto scan & clean your mobile
  • Secure your shopping payment
  • Anti-phishing & anti-theft
$19.99 $9.99 Buy Now

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Media Review

Advanced SystemCare is a great all-in-one PC utility that can scan, repair, and optimize many aspects of your system.It aims to remedy whatever ails your computer by not only cleaning up junk files, malware, and invalid registry entries, but by giving your computer a boost to optimize your PC experience.


User Review

I have used various versions of Advanced SystemCare for several years. When I looked at the features of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate I knew I had to have it. It has not disappointed me. One of the simplest yet effective programs I have found to keep all three of my computers healthy.

Russell Peck

User Review

First, I must say its a very light and easy to use handy software. driver booster runs in the background and won't strain the CPU and RAM, i was able to play new game titles without having to shutdown any background process. I usually run windows updates daily to get the latest drivers and driver booster updated and fixed my PC drivers extremely accurately even better than windows update did. I'm really impressed with the software and would highly recommend it as a product.

Dunston Diaz

User Review

I am very satisfied with your product IObit Maleware Fighter. Previously this product came to me I had a lot of troubles with malicious interferences, I was not able to watch an entire movie or concert, which I like very much. Due to your product now every operation is clear, safe and well protected. It scans my laptop without affecting its performance while I also recommended this product to two of my friends.

Gelu Batir

User Review

I have used multiple uninstallers in the past, however, once I started using IOBit since ver.12.0, I have never gone back to any other application. It has an easy to use interface and does the job it is meant for with pin-point perfection. It helps you to clean up the registry automatically which otherwise gets choked with leftovers, and thus maintain PC Health. The ability to identify Bundleware and remove them is one great feature present in IOBit which is unsurpassed.

Samrat Kumar Chakrabortty

Media Review

IObit Software Updater was designed to simplify the task of keeping all the applications on your computer up-to-date. It can check for new versions and install them automatically, even without user input. Moreover, it can help you download and install popular applications for various purposes.


Media Review

I am a user of Smart defrag for many years. Since using this fantastic software my desktop and my laptop are fast and save. Together with advance system care ultimate you have a complete tool for keeping you system up to date, fast and secure.Using it every day without need to wait (pc closes itself) you keep your system in top condition even if you have no technical background!


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