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Record Changes

Record system changes when newly installing a program, in order to guarantee further complete uninstallation.

Powerful Uninstall

1-click to uninstall unwanted programs in batch, including antivirus software that refuse to be removed.

Clean Leftovers

Automatically clean leftovers of uninstalled programs, even those left by uninstallation with other utilities.

Other Features You Can Enjoy

Update Software

Update all outdated software together with 1-click.

Block Notification

Never interrupted by different site notifications when surfing online.

Auto Update

Automatically update to the latest version for faster & deeper cleaning.

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User Review

"IObit uninstaller has come a long way, I have used it for a long time, I love it, it is very thorough, now it is even getting better. Very pleased with it, would not be without it. If you do not use it you might wish to try it, it is 100% better today than it was a year ago. It cleans up all the extra registry junk and does it very well."

User Review

This program saved my money. Before using this program, my computer was very slow. I couldn't do anything. But my computer is very clean now. Thanks to this program, my computer got very Fast. I saved everything through this program. Thank you so much IOBit I love you."

Media Review

"If you need a program that lets you cleanly and completely uninstall applications, fire up IObit Uninstaller. This free utility makes it a breeze to delete apps, including stray files that are often left behind when you use Windows to delete software from your hard drive or SSD."

User Review

"I have used multiple uninstallers in the past, however, once I started using IOBit since ver.7.0, I have never gone back to any other application. It has an easy to use interface and does the job it is meant for with pin-point perfection. It helps you to clean up the registry automatically which otherwise gets choked with leftovers, and thus maintain PC Health. The ability to identify Bundleware and remove them is one great feature present in IOBit which is unsurpassed. "

User Review

"IObit Uninstaller finds plugins in my browsers that I didn’t even know existed. The clean-up of the residual files is very good; it doesn’t leave any useless data left on the uninstalled software. It reminds me of the available updates for all my programs. Overall, my computer’s performance improved thanks to this. It is very convenient and easily manageable; I even recommended this to my friends."

World-wide Awards

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