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Powerfully Uninstall More Programs & Plug-ins for Lighter PC & Safer Online Browsing

Bundleware Detection & Uninstall
Detect and uninstall bundleware like adware, browser plug-ins, and other third-party software that may be part of the installation process.
Ad-free Browsing
Powerfully uninstall ad-based & malicious plug-ins to ensure secure & clean browsing experience.
Automatically detect & clean leftovers of uninstalled programs including those removed by other uninstallers.
Software Updater
With one click, upgrade your important software on your PC without any user intervention.
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Smart Defrag PRO
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Protected Folder
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User Review

"IObit Uninstaller is a great tool for uninstalling programs and even toolbars and plugins. Its use has been very helpful to me as it uninstalls programs and applications, as well as it cleans their associated register, in most cases unknown to users like myself. It has a nice and intuitive interface without needing major informatics skills. I recommend it strongly!"

Editor Review

"If you're in need of an app that lets you cleanly and completely uninstall applications with ease, fire up IObit Uninstaller. This utility, now compatible with Windows 10, makes it a breeze to remove apps, including stray support files that are often left behind when a program is removed from a PC, and those pesky Web browser toolbars and plug-ins. In short, if you use a Windows PC, you should download IObit Uninstaller."

Media Review

"IObit Uninstaller is small and its interface is friendly. Users can download it virtually in a blink of an eye. This uninstall tool can be categorized as the best uninstaller and allows users to do uninstallation in bulk. It will offer users to do a "Powerful Scan" to go deeper and find leftovers. In general, this uninstaller delivers what it promises: thorough uninstallation. The performance alone makes this little uninstall tool worth keeping. "
See what PRO edition can do for you: IObit Uninstaller FREE IObit Uninstaller PRO
Uninstall programs via desk icon, opened window or system tray icon
Remove extensions from edge, chrome, IE, firefox, etc.
Support stubborn programs removal 3x
Detect and uninstall third-party programs aloginside freeware
Auto delete leftovers that other utilities failed to remove ×
Support identifying and removing malicious plug-ins 2x ×
Support identifying and removing advertising plug-ins 2x ×
1-click to update all important software 5x ×
Automatic update to latest version ×
Premium 24/7 technical support on demand ×
IObit Uninstaller FREE
$16.77 $99.91
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