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Product Awards

Media Review

"There's nothing worse than a computer that is bogged down so much that it impedes your ability to work or play games. Advanced Systemcare aims to remedy whatever ails your computer by not only cleaning up junk files, malware, and invalid registry entries, but by giving your computer a boost to optimize your PC experience." - Cnet

User Review

"I'm really happy I upgraded, it puts my mind at ease and does all the work"

"The Advanced-System Care Pro keeps my computer well cleaned. Not only that, their customer service is excellent. They persevered with courteous help until I was able to solve my problem of sending a gift of this ASC service to another person. This is evidence of a good company."
  • Jane McClain
  • Bob Bassett
  • Almir Romboli Tavares
  • Gordon Griswold
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$14.77 $29.99 1 Year / 1 PC

Basic System Clean, Fix and Optimization
Ultimate System Tuneup for Top Performance
Up to 300% Internet Speedup with Internet Booster
Real-time Optimization with Active Optimize
Deep Windows Registry Clean
Maximum Hard Drive Performance
Basic Protection from Security Threats
Full Detection against Security Threats
Safe Online Experience with Surfing Protection
Auto Clean for Privacy Security Whenever You Log on
Auto Update to the Latest Version
Runs in the Background - Install and Forget It
Fantastic New Skins & Themes
Free 24/7 Technical Support on demand
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$14.77 $29.99 1 Year / 1 PC

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