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Update More Rare Drivers & Enjoy Better Gaming and PC Performance with DB 4 PRO

Support 400,000+ Drivers & Devices Update
200% larger database to update outdated, missing & incorrect drivers to proper drivers (audio, network, graphic, etc.) from Nvidia®, Realtek, Intel, AMD, etc.
Why update drivers +
  • Stop system freezing & crashes
  • Fix no sound error & dropping or slow internet
  • Reduce problems with printers & external devices
  • Improve stability by more outdated & rare drivers update
Faster & Smoother Gaming
Detect & upgrade game components with 1-click, such as DirectX®, Adobe® Flash®, PhysX®, etc. to allow you to enjoy faster & smoother gaming.
Why update components +
  • Improve graphics & audio quality of gaming
  • Fix components bugs to smooth game control
Time-saving Download for Faster Update
With auto-download feature and new driver compression algorithm, the driver upgrade time is greatly reduced and the drivers will be installed during system idle time.
Why need time-saving download +
  • Reduce driver update time by 50% or more
  • Reduce computer stutter/lag during driver update
Safer Driver Updating
Ensure the security of supplied drivers and safely updating drivers by auto backup a previous copy and create a system restore point before updating.
Why it is safe +
  • Ensure all supplied drivers have passed WHQL
  • Easily restore once the unexpected happens
Larger driver database than before
  • Now
    000,000+ drivers
  • Before
    000,000+ drivers
Quicker driver update than before
  • Now
  • Before
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DB Media Review

“Update system drivers with the greatest of ease.”

“Works fine and eliminates the problems created by incompatible drivers.”

“Simple and effective solution for quickly updating outdated drivers.”

User Review

Mike Goggans

I had 10 drivers that were out of date and the Driver Booster updated them all perfectly.

Vince Lewis

Driver Booster did it all with just one click of the mouse. 19 drivers were updated in no time at all.

Wayne Bowler

It worked perfectly. Easy to use, informative, and intuitive. This one will stay in my toolbox forever... Great job!

More Reasons to Pre-order Driver Booster 4 PRO Driver Booster 4FREE Driver Booster 4PRO
Automatically Scan & Identify Outdated, Missing & Incorrect Drivers
Update Outdated Drivers with One Click
Unlock Driver Download Speed Limit
Priority to Update More Outdated & Rare Drivers
Reduce System Freezing & Crashes for Better Performance
Auto Driver Download & Installation during System Idle Time
Automatically Backup All Drivers for Safe Restore
Privilege to Update Game Components for Better Gaming
Intelligently Install in Background without Interrupting
Automatically Update to the Latest Version
Free 24/7 Technical Support on Demand
days for free